Recent Essays & Reported Pieces

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Humor Pieces

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Video Work

I love to make people laugh, and I’ve had the pleasure of pitching, scripting, and producing several viral videos for media outlets. Here are some of my top performers.

When Did School Pictures Become So Complicated? (8.6 million views)

How Moms Really Feel About Elf On The Shelf (5.3 million views)

It’s Totally Okay If You’re Not a Pinterest Mom (1.7 million views)

Why Moms Can Never Shop for “Just One Thing” at Target (324,000 views)

Why Mom Colds Are The Worst (66,000 views)


To date, I have appeared in two humorous anthologies with some of the Internet’s most popular parenting bloggers.

Life Well Blogged: No Laughing Allowed

Life Well Blogged: Parenting Gag Reel – Hilarious Writes and Wrongs

Media Appearances

ABC News feature on behalf of Scary Mommy

Regularly featured on HuffPost Parents Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week


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